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Mini Mighty


Width 280 mm
Depth 445 mm
Height 397 mm


Mini Mighty, the prosumer product for those with a true barista’s soul, even at home.

Compact and powerful, designed for the Home Barista for whom the coffee ritual or a premium cappuccino is an essential part of their life. Mini Mighty is the prosumer solution made especially for you, someone who wants to enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly extracted coffee at home or in their office. And if you decide to go with quality, you can even dictate the style, customising Mini Mighty with the colours and finishes you prefer.

■ Stainless steel boiler and heat exchanger technology. ■ Vibration pump. ■ E61 professional coffee group. ■ Joystick taps. ■ cup-warmer shelf. ■ Pid control version. ■ Four different colours and finishes available.