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Moda, trend-setting innovation

brasilia moda coffee machine

Two cup sizes
Touch Tech
Saving mode

Width 460 mm
Depth 622 mm
Height 595 mm
Weight 65 kg

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Operating simplicity and maximum customization for a machine that represents the best of the innovative technology developed by Brasilia. Owing to the touch interface, Moda dispenses perfect drinks at just one touch.

Moda, the simplest solution for the most complex needs.

Beautiful, compact and innovative: Moda is the super automatic machine that encloses in just 60 cm the most cutting-edge technological solutions. Moda is dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. market and is the perfect tool for self-service settings. The touch interface with 10'' monitor means the user can choose from a vast range of high quality beverages and select his or her favourite product simply and immediately. Those who choose Moda provide a special service.

User interface with 10'' LCD TFT touchscreen monitor from which to choose your favourite drink in a just few clicks thanks to an attractive and intuitive menu. In addition, our touch technology ensures great variety and makes customization easy. This way, you can tailor the machine menu to the specific needs of all types of customer to offer a consumption experience that fulfils all wishes.

General Information

■ Dimens. mm W 460 x D 600 x H 599 - Weight -- kg - Boiler capacity 3.5 l - Boiler resist. 2200 W - Power supply 230 Vac 50 Hz - Water supply 3/8" F - Liquid waste tray capacity 1.5 l - Coffee waste tray capacity of about 80 coffee grounds pods (value influenced by the dose set) ■ Product autonomy : 2 coffee bean hopper 1 kg each - 3 instant products canisters 1 kg each.


■ Advanced electronics consisting of an embedded PC with an ARM Cortex-A9 Dual-Core processor. ■ Electronics set up for controlling the boiler and the new espresso unit with variable volume brewing chamber. ■ Electronic platform characterised by a highly modular design and conceived for controlling independently: services boiler with electronic adjustment of the water level and operating pressure, espresso brewing unit with automatic adjustment of coffee panel pressing, pre-brewing, water wand and steam wand with electronic control of brewing temperature. ■ Hardware/software platform set up for upgrade with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and telemetry upgrade modules. ■ Possibility of updating user interface by USB key.

Technical features

■ Brewing unit with variable chamber for dosing coffee from 7 to 14g and ensures optimum pressing and brewing conditions. ■ New fresh milk frothing unit for an incredible variety of both hot and cold drinks. ■ Stainless-steel steam wand. ■ Stainless-steel steam water wand. ■ Dosed hot water that is operated by the LCD touchscreen with temperature settable by programming software/menu. ■ START/STOP function available on all selections. ■ Movable nozzles unit to adapt to any type of cup/glass and ensure the best visual appeal for the brewed drink.

brasilia moda coffee machine


■ Two-phase boiler (water+ steam) with electronic control of pressure-temperature. ■ Newly designed fresh milk frothing system that combines compactness with high quality of the product in the cup.

Easy maintenance

■ Frontal access to all the main parts of the machine for cleaning, product loading and routine maintenance. ■ U-shaped brushed stainless-steel cover that can be removed easily for complete access to all the components. ■ Ingredients (granular coffee and other soluble ingredients) can be loaded from the front, so no need to remove the machine's lid.

Accessories and optional modules

■ Telemetry system for remote connection to machine. ■ Bluetooth kit for programming and diagnostics. ■ Fresh milk frothing module. ■ Refrigerator module. ■ Payment module (can accommodate coin validator or coin changer). ■ Cup heater.

Available colours



■ Energy saving mode. ■ In compliance with ROHS and WEEE.

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