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Double output coffee
Touch Tech


Width 395 mm
Depth 576 mm
Height 650 mm
Weight 31.5 kg

Festa is the fully automatic machine that speaks the universal language of simplicity with style and innovation, offering a premium-quality experience at all levels of use. A touch is all
it takes to prepare quality drinks. Captivating and intuitive communication with the machine, fascinating design, latestgeneration systems and technology, and rapid maintenance.

Passion for coffee taken to the highest level.

Coffee is our passion, and we know how much care and attention it takes to create the ideal cup. This is why we have fitted Festa with the best extraction technology to guarantee consistent and excellent results from the first cup of coffee to the last, with all the simplicity that automation provides. The heated infusion chamber ensures constant quality, extraction after extraction, assisted by the pre-heating boiler that increases thermal stability. The quantity of coffee is kept constant with the Air-Brake system, which prevents air from circulating in the water system. Coffee-based drinks are not all the same, and this is why Festa, with its variable chamber unit, also offers the possibility of regulating the pressure on the coffee grounds, for ideal results every time.

■ Preheated Infusion Chamber: Heated Infusion Chamber For Consistent Extraction Quality. ■ Pre-Heating Boiler: Pre-Heating Boiler To Increase Thermal Stability. ■ Air-Brake System: Increases The Precision Of Volume Distributed, Stopping Air From Entering The Water System. ■ Accurate Tamping: Allows Regulation Of The Pressure On The Coffee Grounds, For The Level Most Suited To Each Type Of Coffee Grain. ■ Automatic Grinding Adjustment Kit (Optional).

Perfectly creamy and dense: Bar-quality milk.

The ability to whip up milk to the right texture is the secret to serving a memorable cappuccino. Festa achieves this result thanks to the Fresh Milk module and its Speciality Milk Texturing, feature dedicated to milk texture. According to the recipe or the level of density and creaminess desired, different settings can be used to obtain various levels of thickness. Cappuccino is as smooth as from a bar, but with Festa everything is easier: the Fresh Milk module automatically cleans itself after each drink, and an energy saving option can also be added to reduce electricity consumption.

■ Speciality Milk Texturing: Bar-Quality Milk Texturing With The Possibility Of Changing Settings For Different Textures. ■ Automated Cleaning After Each Drink. ■ Energy Saving Function (Optional). ■ Electronic Cleaning.

An entire coffee shop in a single solution.

Festa opens new horizons of pleasure to explore every day. An entire coffee shop enclosed in a single solution. Coffee in all its specialities and varieties, drinks with a whole range of flavours, cappuccino and lots of other recipes with fresh milk. Users can choose the drink they want and decide the quantity with the standard or tall cup option.

■ Variable Chamber: Quality Coffee In All Its Forms. ■ Double Espresso Cup (Esv Version Only). ■ Chocolate Built-In: Up To Three Different Chocolate Flavours. ■ Accurate Tamping: Different Recipes According To Pressing Level. ■ Speciality Milk Texturing: Different Textures Of Milk. ■ Standard And Tall Cup.

Final user

■ Intuitive interface. ■ Touch-screen display. ■ LED lighting. ■ Video player. ■ Illuminated distribution bay. ■ Cup-present sensor (optional). ■ Italian design.


■ Machine programmable via computer. ■ USB connection for interface update without PC ■ Automated cleaning system. ■ Incorporated security lock system. ■ Troubleshooting.

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