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Two cup sizes
Touch Tech


Largh. 460 mm
Prof. 597 mm
Alt. 595 mm
Peso 65 kg

Moda, the “fully-special” machine that embraces technology and a love for coffee.

Moda is the machine that places the best that technology can offer at the service of tradition, creating a perfect balance of the simplicity of use offered by a super-automatic system and the attention to detail of those who love to celebrate the art of coffee-making every day. “Fully” because the machine is completely automatic, and “special” because it is able to serve a complete range of coffee-based specialities, constantly guaranteeing the utmost quality. Moda offers a rich menu of drinks to be prepared in an instant: your coffee shop right where you want it.

Perfect traditional extraction, cup after cup.

Whether it is the first or the last drink of the day, be it espresso or another speciality, any time is the right time for a good cup of coffee. Thanks to its advanced technology, Moda guarantees a top-quality cup of coffee at every extraction. Now, a cup of coffee prepared in full respect for Italian tradition is just a touch away.

■ Traditional Espresso: Heat Exchanger With Thermosiphon Circulation. ■ Accurate Tamping: Different Pressing Levels For A Wider-Ranging Menu. ■ Preinfusion Tech: Electronically Adjustable Preinfusion. ■ Preheated Infusion Chamber: Heated Infusion Chamber For Consistent Extraction Quality. ■ Air-Brake: Allows An Increase In The Precision Of The Volume Dispensed.

Imagination becomes choice.

From the traditional expresso to more particular specialities, there is always a new way to savour coffee. One can even dive into the creaminess of hot or cold milk-based drinks or surrender to the temptation of the joy of chocolate and other soluble products. Moda satisfies every desire, transforming imagination into a range of choices that embraces a world of flavours and aromas just waiting to be explored.

■ Dual Hopper And Dual Coffee Grinder. ■ Specialty Milk Texturing: Personalised Milk Texturing For Both Hot And Cold Milk. ■ Chocolate Built-In: Three Canisters For Soluble Products, Chocolate And Much More. ■ Variable Chamber: For The Preparation Of A Full Range Of Coffee Specialities. ■ Double Espresso Cup: Standard Or Tall Cups. ■ Steam Wand For Frothing Milk (Optional).

Intuitiveness and interaction for a premium- quality experience.

Moda immediately creates the right atmosphere thanks to its intuitive technological systems. The touch-screen display and the video player immerse the user in a unique interactive experience, while the Coffee Cream LED lights entice the senses. Each gesture is simpler, even for the operator, who can programme and manage the machine via on-board programming, USB key or PC connection cable, quickly identifying malfunctions and system errors.

■ 10” Touch-Screen Display. ■ Video Player For Multimedia Content. ■ Usb Connection. ■ Automated Cleaning System. ■ Locker: Lock Available As Standard. ■ Machine Programmable Via Computer. ■ Autodiagnostic System To Rapidly Identify Malfunctions And System Errors. ■ Double Pump.

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