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Lucia, le style de la tradition.

brasilia lucia coffee machine

Larg. 760>1000 mm
Prof. 605 mm
Haut. 525 mm
Poids 64>80 kg

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Retro design and force of expression. If you are demanding lovers of coffee culture, Lucia is the machine for you. With lever or automatic, shiny steel and structure designed for functionality.

Coffee quality guaranteed by the Brasilia brand, excellent performance, temperature stability and perfect extraction, owing to the espresso unit with static brewer.

Lucia automatic dosed or lever operated, the art of coffee requires excellent tools.

■ LUCIA AUTOMATIC DOSED: is the electronic machine designed to fulfil market needs that are beyond tradition. Nonetheless, the retro design, the sparkle of her steels and her valuable finishing are kept in this automatic version as well, where the luxury of the equipment and the culture of espresso match the enhanced performances of the electronics. The keypad in the base integrates harmoniously with the whole design and can be activated with a slight touch of the finger to allow a very intuitive use. Keypad with 6 membrane rectangular buttons (1 or 2 short coffee, 1 or 2 long coffee, hot water, stop/ continuous supply maximum for 4 minutes controlled by software) per each brewing unit.

■ LUCIA LEVER-OPERATED: vintage-look design and being lever-operated make Lucia the ideal machine for those who consider brewing espresso to be a truly artistic act. In addition, the innovative technologies with which it is provided ensure optimum performance and durable quality. Its gleaming steel and the shine of the chrome finishes of the lever units add a touch of luxury to a coffee flavour with an ancient and precious aroma.

General Information

■ 2 GROUPS - Dimens. mm W 760 x D 605 x H 525 - Weight 64 kg - Boiler capacity 12 l - Boiler resist. 3000 W - Power supply 230/400 Vac 50/60 Hz - Water supply 3/8" F. ■ 3 GROUPS - Dimens. mm W 1000 x D 605 x H 525 - Weight 80 kg - Boiler capacity 21 l - Boiler resist. 4000 W - Power supply 230/400 Vac 50/60 Hz - Water supply 3/8" F.

brasilia lucia coffee machine

Technical features

■ Choice among 2 and 3 groups depending on your production needs and available space. ■ 2 chrome steam wands with anti-scalding protection. ■ Hot-water wand and temperature adjustment (fixed) through a mixer. ■ Gauge to monitor the pressure in the network and the boiler.

Accessories kit

Cup heater.

Available Colours



In compliance with ROHS and WEEE.

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