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For the coffee universe.
We refer to the entire supply chain, from the production of the beans to the extraction: we want to achieve the best result in the cup because that's what we love to do.


We made a commitment:
Providing technical solutions that allow our target audience to have the highest return on investment.
Giving them a tool to be able to communicate with their customers.


Brasilia's heritage:
Brand, Technology, Italianity, Design, Innovation. They are part of our tradition.

Bullone Rosso, the patented technology that improves your work.

Our machines are equipped with the patented Bullone Rosso system, an innovative technology that optimizes the transfer of all the aromatic complexity of the blends into the cup, guaranteeing at the same time a longer duration of your machine.

Stable temperature

Maintain a constant temperature during extraction for a perfect in-cup result.

Anti scale system

With the thermal shock you avoid the formation of limescale inside your boiler.

Dry steam

Optimize dry steam production for frothing by adding as little water as possible.

Easy maintenance

Easier interventions thanks to the possibility to remove and replace only the Bullone Rosso.

Love for Coffee

From the bean to the cup, from how it is born to how it is extracted: our work is made of passion, of pure love for coffee.

Perfect Expertise

We know how much care each blend requires and we design our solutions starting from the real needs of professionals.

Spirit of fun

Because the greatest joy for us is to put ourselves to the test and succeed in surprising us with the next innovation.


A machine is not just a machine when it carries within it the dedication of those who conceived, designed and built it.

Our Team

We are a group of people who believe in the same goal. And this strength allows us to make a difference for our customers.


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