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If you work in the hotel, restaurant, café ("Ho.Re.Ca.") sector our range provides you with the technological solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


Performance and aesthetic quality in machines that can be integrated into different contexts, also in the most sought after and exclusive environments.


Registered patents, smart tools, cutting-edge systems: our research and development department never ceases to amaze.

Made in Italy

Our range is made exclusively in Italy. That's the only way that the espresso can continue to renew its global success.

Bullone Rosso, the technological solution to be savoured.

Our machines use the innovative Red Bolt system, the technology that we have designed and devised to optimize the transfer into the cup of all the aromatic complexity of the best blends.

Stable temperature

Once the water sent to the heater has been heated it moves through the temperature stabilizer.

Optimized flow

The volumetric counters have an outlet nozzle to reduce the flow of water to the unit.

Advanced mixing

The greater length of the injector means that mixing occurs in a higher position that with standard models.

Calibrated brewing

The brewing unit is unique in terms of mass and weight and has its own specific water circuit.


Our story started in 1978 and right from the start we placed the search for cutting-edge solutions at the centre of the company mission. This commitment led to rapid growth until 2015, the year of the international relaunch of the Brasilia brand, the symbol of the best tradition of Italian espresso.


We are now part of Bianchi Industry, a market leader in the vending, Ho.Re.Ca. and retail sectors. Joining this important Italian company has enabled us to invest with even more conviction in our mission: enhancing the professionalism of our customers with versatile high-quality products.


Our machines are appreciated throughout the world for their ability to make a complex process simple: brewing a high-quality Italian espresso. Interpreting this need correctly has enabled us to position ourselves as one of the most sought-after brands on global markets.


If you want to discover our products, contact us by email, telephone or by our social media. A dedicated consultant will provide you with all the information that you need. They will help you find the most suitable solution for your needs and once you have found the right machine the consultant will help you to always guarantee the best performance.

Customer Care

If you are one of our customers and need technical assistance, call Customer Care on +39 035 450 2111 or send us an email. One of our experts will be there to deal promptly with your needs. For us, the sale is just the start of a partnership in which your trust is at the centre of our work.


Your verdict is vital for our growth and the development of services that are increasingly efficient. That's why we invite you to discuss with us via our digital channels or in person, by coming to see us or asking for us to visit you. Listening to your needs is the most important training resource.


2020 - Press
Soluzioni per una pausa a misura dei propri bisogni. “Design Your Break”, la nuova filosofia di Bianchi Industry, ha conquistato anche il pubblico di Host 2019.

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2020 - Press
Bianchi Industry, in occasione del salone milanese dedicato all'ospitalità, ha presentato le sue nuove soluzioni a marchio e il concept DESIGN YOUR BREAK, che racchiude la mission dell'azienda di realizzare aree ristoro personalizzate e modulabili secondo le esigenze dei clienti e delle locazioni.

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